Edwin Biesheuvel

Frequently Asked Questions

Edwin Biesheuvel was born in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands in 1968.
He is the founder of Trance-art since 1991 and creates paintings and exclusive glass art objects.

Edwin Biesheuvel creates paintings and exclusive glass art objects.
A part of his works were made in the 'Trance-art' style which he started with.

Under the name 'Trance-art' Edwin Biesheuvel had started the new art movement within the abstract art in 1991.
By painting flowing organic shapes he's trying to represent the energetic rhythms of 'Trance' House music.
But it's not like he always listen to house music while he's painting in his studio. The music is also in his head.
The paintings occur spontaneously. The choices about making the perfect shapes are chosen while painting.
He's painting everything on his intuition.

His artworks are recognizable by the innovative shapes and the used striking color contrasts which make them special.
Due to health problems Edwin Biesheuvel doesn't create many artworks so it's a special opportunity when he brings out a new piece of art on the art market.

When he started in 1991 with his 'Trance-art' paintings, he used oil paint on linen and oil paint on panels.
After that, he started with acrylic paint on linen.

In his private studio he started with creating glass art objects by using a diamond saw to saw glass into shapes of 'Trance-art' which he glued together and were placed into natural stone pedestals.
In the same year (1998) he started to design blown crystal art objects made in glass studio 'Royal Leerdam'.
To create his first glass art objects, he used pear wood molds.
In 1999 he started in glass studio 'van Tetterode' where he created blown glass art objects using the grail technique and later he start creating glass art objects using the techniques 'Incalmo' and filigree.

With his third created glass art object 'Core' which was created in 1998, he was selected by the jury of the 'New Glass Review Competition' (which was organized by the 'Corning Museum of Glass') as 1 of 100 best glass art objects created in 1998 worldwide.


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