Edwin Biesheuvel

My Story

On this page I will tell you my story about how I became an artist!

  • Who is Edwin Biesheuvel?

Who is Edwin Biesheuvel?

Edwin Biesheuvel was born in Aalsmeer (1968) which is located in The Netherlands.
Beside cartoons, he was reading art-books and art-magazines since he was young.
He went to museums with his family and they bought art.
He looked at artworks and he knew what he liked and what he disliked.
Especially music and design got to his attention and streamlined cars were his preference.
His first plan was to get a job in trading but because he got an accident when he was in compulsory military service, he got disabled.

That's when he started to get more and more interested into art.
In the early 90's it was the first time he listened to house music and he was especially interested in Trance House music.
By the name "Trance-art" he started a new movement within the abstract art.
He created his first Trance-art painting in 1991.
By painting flowing organic shapes he's trying to represent the energetic rhythms of 'Trance' House music.
Later in 1998 he also started using the Trance-art style when making glass art.
Because the amount of requests of his artworks has increased rapidly in the last years and the fact that he rarely creates new artworks, the prices of his artworks have increased a lot.

Why Choose Me ?

  • All my artworks are unique artworks

    Due to health problems I don't create many artworks so it's a special opportunity when I bring out a new piece of art on the art market.

  • All of my artworks are real eyecatchers

    my artworks are recognizable by the innovative shapes and the used striking color contrasts.

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