Edwin Biesheuvel

Follow the founder of Trance-art on his way to success.

Since the beginning of Trance House music in the early 90's I was inspired by this music and that's why I started creating Trance-art.

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Art skills

This is what I do

Glass art

I already loved art and design since I was a kid. I didn't expect to become an artist. When i visited museums and galleries I realised that the kind of art that I would like to buy, didn't exist yet. I saw it as a challenge to make this type of art by myself.

To study more about the technics of creating glass art, I studied about the possibilities and limits of glass and the different complicated technics like glass fusing, casting glass, glassblowing and pâte de Verre and I discovered the formula of the golden ratio. My glass objects are known because of the color contrasts, fascinating patterns and harmonious lines.

Trance-art Paintings

Under the name 'Trance-art' I have started the new art movement within the abstract art in 1991. By painting flowing organic shapes I'm trying to represent the energetic rhythms of 'Trance' House music. But it's not like I always listen to house music while I'm painting in my studio. The music is also in my head.

The paintings occur spontaneously. The choices about making the perfect shapes are chosen while painting. I'm painting everything on my intuition. My paintings usually don't have a title. I call them 'Composition' and I give them a number. I have chosen to call them 'Composition' to refer to music.

Latest Artworks

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